Matt Phillips

Are you Ready to Grow?

Fitness Pro Marketing strive to build strong, long term success for our clients. Our programs and services are for those who are serious about building long term client bases and endeavour to offer the best value for their clients.

Our clients are dedicated, hardworking, fitness professionals who are willing to put in the work to achieve their business goals. The results of the program are reliant on the commitment of the business owner.

You are ready to take on the responsibility of a thriving, accomplished fitness program and to take the next step in reaching your ultimate business goals.

You are not wanting..

  • The short-term satisfaction of ‘’The quick hit of registrations’’
  • “Zero effort but to click a button and make money” method
  • “High Volume, Low Value facilities”

Do you..

  • Hate the typical marketing fads that are constantly present in the fitness industry?
  • Worry about whether the upcoming month will cover last month’s client losses
  • Know the value of your service could be beneficial to more people if only you could get them through the door

Sound like you? Time to find out more!

By agreeing to have a phone conversation with Matt, you will ultimately discuss an action plan that you can follow to hit your targets within your desired time-frame.

This 45-minute conversation is obligation free but will help you develop ideas on your business growth.

Fitness pro marketing focuses on Cross Fit Affiliates, Independent Gyms, Yoga Studios, Pilates Studios and Outdoor Training Groups.

About the Author Matt

Matt Phillips is on a mission to help Fitness Professionals grow their business beyond the limitations of organic growth and traditional business models. you can find out more at

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