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Three of the most common fitness promotion mistakes

  • The promotion of offers that only attract short term client base such as free passes or overly cheap deals.
  • Failure to engage with leads in a timely manner.
  • Applying the same sales process to both organic and promotional leads.

What is the Solution? 

Consistently effective marketing still involves improved websites, online forms, social media presence and paid ads but with the continued consumer demand and changes in marketing it is becoming continually harder to gain the exposure you need to help your business grow.

Consumer Decision Making Process

What is the difference between sales processes for organic and promotional leads and how does it affect the consumer decision making process?

The decision-making process is the steps the consumer must go through before they make their decision.

Becoming AWARE

This stage is the introduction of the product or service to the client.


The client will then research the service, pros & cons, benefits, cost.

COMPARING services 

By this stage the client will have the relevant information to compare the services and the competition to identify which holds most value to them.

Making the DECISION 

The individual has decided on the service and will move forward with purchase.

As an organic lead, the consumer has already been half sold on the service and is in the comparison or decision stage of the decision-making process, therefore the sales approach allows you to solely focus on the service they are searching for.

A promotional lead is a potential consumer you may have reached out to offer your services and need to sell the value of your services before allowing them forward in the decision-making process.

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