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Convert Kit vs AWeber vs Mailchimp


You NEED to connect and communicate frequently with your audience.

There are a few people in internet marketing circles talking like 'email marketing' is dead.

Well... most of those people are selling some sort of social media software.

My question to these people is "What did all your customers use to sign in to their social media accounts? Their EMAIL!"

So no, emails are not going away any time soon.

When you're starting out there are many options on where to get started with sending out emails to your audience. The online tools that allow you to automate this area known as auto-responders. Today I'm going to share with you the ONE I recommend when starting out (anywhere less than 25,000 subscribers).

If you want the short cut - It's CONVERT KIT.

And if you want the story.... here's why.

When you start out building your list from ZERO it is tempting to take ALL steps to reduce your costs. And when you look at it this way, these three look like this:​



Convert Kit

0 - 500 subscribers


$19 p/month

$29 p/month

But if you make the mistake I made, and start with Mailchimp, you soon realise that Mailchimp doesn't have many of the features you need for modern email marketing.

For example, you can't easily segment your audience into different categories and talk to them in a way that matches their situation and what they've been asking about.

You can't adjust your campaigns to people depending on what emails they open and click on.​

In other words, using Mailchimp you end up trying to be everything to all of your clients and end up being nothing to nobody. People expect custom experiences these days. Even though they don't necessarily know this. At some level, your emails will just seem a little 'off'.

So you end up having to make the painful shift to a bigger and better system like AWeber or Convert Kit. I will add here that it is not simply a matter of moving your list of subscribers over. You then have to rebuild from scratch ALL your emails and email campaigns and learn a whole new system again.

By now you're up to 5001 subscribers and it's tempting to use the cheaper option again....



Convert Kit

5001 subscribers

$50 p/month

$69 p/month

$99 p/month

So you end up on AWeber. It's more powerful and is still cheaper than Convert Kit and still does 'most' of the same things right?

So what's the problem?

A little something called 'lists' and 'tags'.

You see when you start segmenting your subscribers so you can talk to them in a way that suits their needs, you end up with either 'tags' or 'lists'. Now technically AWeber does BOTH of these things BUT the big difference is that when people sign up to a new offer or product with AWeber, they very likely end up on a new LIST in the system.

This means that ONE person now counts as TWO subscribers. And if that person signs up for a third offer, its THREE subscribers!

So you might end up bumped up to over 10,000 subscribers with only around 5000 or 7000 real people on your list.

By which time, as you see below, you may as well have been using Convert Kit the whole time!

(Convert Kit doesn't duplicate subscribers. Even if they sign up to a new offer, they just get a new 'tag' and you don't 'pay' for another subscriber). So you can segment appropriately without unfair fees)​



Convert Kit

10,001 subscribers

$75 p/month

$149 p/month

$149 p/month

Now it's not all about money, but if you're starting out I know that is important. So I put it up the top of this post. In the end it is also about ease of use and what you can do with it.

I'll add more to this post shortly in terms of a feature comparison.

Again, for now the short story is to use CONVERT KIT.​

CONVERT KIT is simply easier to use and build with AND more importantly make big changes to campaigns when you need to.

But like anything I talk about, I recommend you consider what I'm saying (and what you might read elsewhere) and then look at the options for yourself. 

Only YOU know your business and your exact circumstances. So go with the one that suits you. I do recommend you first consider AWeber or Convert Kit in the interest of making a high quality start at an affordable rate.

All three of them integrate with the other tools I recommend like checkout carts, website page builders and membership sites.​

If you want to check out Convert Kit or AWeber you can use my affiliate links below:

Or you can also use my non-affiliate link for Mailchimp below (I don't make affiliate links for products I don't recommend!!!)

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