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Client and Membership Plateaus

Firstly, what is a membership plateau?

A membership plateau is the action in which your client base consistently is sitting at the same, or similar numbers, meaning there is no growth or decline in your business.

In some cases, you may be losing the same number of clients as you are gaining on a monthly basis.

This is where we discuss the retention and attrition of your business. Retention is what we refer to when your client base is strong and there is very little attrition, which is the action of reduction in members.

Why does your business plateau?

Your business may be doing everything right in terms of your value of service and facilities but are not gaining enough exposure to break out of the retention stage and grow your business.

Basing the results on realistic circumstances, your client base may be declining due to reasons out of your hands such as moving locations or injury and as a result of organic leads generation, this has built your memberships to cover the cost of the decline.

Organic leads, such as referrals, are important to your business growth but the absence of promotional lead marketing may be the reason you have not come closer to your business goals.

The Stages of Growth

When discussing business growth, we mention three different stages; comfort zone, stretch zone and panic zone.

Currently, you are most likely sitting in the business comfort zone.

The business comfort zone is similar to retention, the revenue is paying all the bills and your own salary but would not cover significant growth within your business. 

The stretch zone is the stage once you step out of your client zone, utilizing advanced marketing techniques to expand community reach and build a strong client base, experiencing success and thriving.

The panic zone refers to the loss of client retention and financial decline. This can be due to increased competition in your industry or area, meaning your organic leads are becoming aware of other facilities.

Which zone describes your current situation?

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