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Our VISION, MISSION and VALUES define our business at three distinct levels.

This extract on VISION explains that your vision largely reflects the desired change you're aiming to bring to your market, or the world at large.

And when things get really hard, or we find ourselves falling off track in the practical elements of business, often times we can regain momentum by clarifying our VISION and getting back into a state of generous service that put us in this ridiculous situation in the first place. I mean... who starts a business?? You've got to be INSANE! And that's exactly the point, we've got to get back to our place of INSANE service, enthusiasm and even ignorance really that will give us the creative boost to get back up, dust ourselves off and think our way to a better solution.

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Matt Phillips is on a mission to help Fitness Professionals grow their business beyond the limitations of organic growth and traditional business models. you can find out more at

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