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Why and how should you use it in your fitness business!

With so many platforms and different options on how we can communicate with our prospects particularly new leads, how do we know which is best to focus on?

With the option to call, SMS, email and instant communication over social media we have trialled all of them. From this, we have discovered that one of the strongest methods you can use and the one that we find gets the best results is SMS.

The reason why? It is the ownership, responsiveness and rapport that we gain from SMS messaging. Connecting with your prospects or leads by SMS or email is typically happening through a CRM based platform and to contact them is through obtaining or the ‘ownership’ of their phone number and email address.

Usually, this data has been collected or given to you by the lead through signing up or ‘opting in’ to your offer. Therefore, you have gained ‘ownership’ and have opportunity to reach out to them personally to sell your service.

When we talk about open rate, engagement rate and response rate, the responsiveness is the key factor to the lead capture. When discussing SMS, the open, engagement and response rate is always quite high. This is due to the instant access features of SMS, allowing the lead to receive notifications from their device whilst prompting them to open and respond in a similar way they would to their friends.

Through this process, a strong rapport is built with the lead because of the personal approach of the sale. Communication is continued in a message thread or phone conversation, identical to a personal conversation which subsequently resembles a friendly relationship being created.

2-way SMS is one of the most important features when using SMS as a communication method. If the lead reaches out to the number used for original SMS by responding or calling and the number is a dead end, you may potentially lose your lead, simply because they cannot contact you.

Another factor to recognise when utilising SMS communication, is the speed of response rate from yourself. This can be implemented, depending on the platform you use, through manual SMS and automated SMS hybrid campaigns. These kinds of campaigns can also allow you to send links to booking schedules or alternate pages to take action.

If the lead stops responding or does not take the action you have supplied, then you have the opportunity to follow up the lead with automated SMS to continue contact.

These processes improve the open rate, engagement rate and response rate which systematically increases booking or sales rates.

5 Benefits of Automation

What is the purpose behind automation?

1. Connecting with people

It is important for your automation platform to allow a database of all your lead connections, whether they have been sourced from signing up to your newsletter, have registered with you but not gone forward with sale and for those that are looking to purchase your product or service. needs connect with a wider range of your local community.

2. Creating and Building Relationships

Advanced automation platforms can now let you contact your leads in the most convenient way for you. By having the ability to utilise text message, email and Facebook messenger, platforms are making it easier for business owners to reach out and gain or regain the attention of their leads.

3. Nurturing with Micro Commitments

This is basically about CONTINUED action. Micro commitments mean creating a very low resistance SERIES of actions for enquiries.

It means instead of one large action; we ask for a series of smaller actions. This makes it more likely that someone in a state of CURIOSITY will take enough action to show up. Especially if we add some scarcity about the availability of this offer. This translates to building a network/database of interested people beyond those who are ready to come in.

4. Show up and Sign up

Ok, so we’ve got more people interested in showing up, and ‘show up and sign up’ is more than reminder emails. It means adding steps between the booking and the actual appointment. Steps that increase commitment. Building rapport makes people more comfortable with making a membership decision on day 1. And all of this can be powered by automations across email and SMS.

For example, adding a single survey question after the booking asking for someone to write down their #1 desired result. This gets them associated to the real pain points or benefits they’re focused on. Another example is sending a video welcome message before the appointment.

5. Periodical Re-Engagement

Platforms that allow you to utilise a database reactivation style automation can increase your sales through old leads. Reconnecting with these previous leads, whether they are previous clients, registered their details with you or were prospective clients that you lost touch with, allows you to build your client base with those who are already familiar with you and your business.

Do you have the automation features that will get you where you want to be?

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